Executive Workshop: Ignite Revenue & Profit in 2014: An Executive Workshop to Achieve Success Across 4 Critical Quadrants

Moderator |  Tom Callinan  | Principal | Strategy Development, Inc.
Speaker |  Jeff Boate  | President | Perry ProTech
Speaker |  John Hey  | Co-Founder / Partner | Strategic Business Associates
Speaker |  Todd Johnson  | Partner | Strategic Business Associates
Speaker |  Sally Brause  | Director, Human Resources Consulting | PathShare HR Services, GreatAmerica Financial Services
Speaker |  Michael Brito  | Group Director | Media & Engagement, WCG, a W20 Group Co.
March 11, 2014 | 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Below is information on the 2014 Executive Workshop. Stay tuned for exciting updates for 2015.

Leadership skills and training for Business Owners & Key Management is a must today!

The evolution and transformation in the office industry is real. Innovation is front and center, forcing you to address what’s needed today in order to thrive tomorrow.

Today’s competitive landscape requires business owners to understand what type of methodologies and strategies are igniting the growth engines of our industry—and how best to translate that into a business model to ensure continued growth and profit.

In this half day leadership workshop, you will hear from highly experienced experts on how to develop an effective and credible business plan with a focus on 4 key quadrants to capitalize on new opportunities and incorporate them into an optimal plan of action for 2014 and beyond. This workshop hands you the playbook to invigorate your business plan by aligning the 4 quadrants in a comprehensive way.

Ask yourself this:

  1. How do I identify, negotiate, finance, or avoid landmines when involved with M&A (merger & acquisition) activities?
  2. Who should I hire, retain, and develop on staff that will produce the kind of team that’s required to grow my business?
  3. What affects the outcome of my business? How do I credibly sell multiple offerings like equipment, managed services, MPS, telephony and other offerings?  How do I develop my business model, its operations, the structuring of my sales force and services staff in today's complex environment?
  4. How do I take my marketing to the next level with a fully integrated campaign across email, mobile, social media and the Web, to grow my brand on a more professional level that is compelling and performance driven?


  • Business performance analysis & benchmarks
  • Growth strategies, including acquisition
  • Salesforce structuring with multiple offerings
  • Profits found in managed services & managed print
  • Hiring & recruiting key personnel
  • Advanced level marketing & branding
  • Implementation of Best Practices


12:00pm-12:15pm Welcome Remarks

What Does Good Look Like Now? Maximizing Dealer Performance
John Hey, Co-Founder, Partner, Strategic Business Associates
Todd Johnson, Partner, Strategic Business Associates

The industry model has been the key improving dealer performance over the years. Now, as Managed Print and Managed Services continue to grow, the Model is more important than ever.  Presented by Strategic Business Association, partners John Hey and Todd Johnson will review the strategies and practices being employed by the most profitable dealerships in the industry today. The actionable, comprehensive focus will be on balancing growth with profit - and on additional opportunities, such as acquisitions.


Identifying, Developing, Hiring & Retaining Company Leaders: Current & Future Generations
Sally Brause, Director, Human Resources Consulting, PathShare HR Services (GreatAmerica Financial Services)

Identifying, hiring & retaining exceptional talent is critical to your business success. Talent acquisition done well is a strong branding tool. If the process is well thought through and managed properly, the outreach of   the company’s mission, vision, and culture is a powerful force. Whether it’s the executive who offers visionary leadership, the manager who can quickly execute on business plans, or the sales professional who won’t settle for less than 100%, a business needs great people to thrive - today and in the future.  Learn how to find and keep the best talent, and have them perform at the highest level in all areas of your organization.

2:05pm-2:30pm Networking Break

Structuring and Measuring Your Sales Force When You're in Multiple Business Models
Tom Callinan, Principal, Strategy Development, Inc.
Jeff Boate, President, Perry ProTech

The copier sales model has evolved over time, allowing dealer principals and senior management the time to adjust and adapt.  Now mobile technology is disrupting the way paper is used in offices and the legacy copier dealer is looking to adjacent revenue opportunities like MPS, MS and IT services to continue to grow.  In this session you will hear from Jeff Boate, president of Perry  proTECH, a large copier dealer that has grown a significant MS/ITS business, and Tom Callinan, a thought leader in sales operations, on how to deploy a sales force to effectively sell into these spaces.  You will learn how to structure the sales force, the skillsets you need for each position, how the sales professionals can work together to penetrate and expand in accounts, and the metrics of success as benchmarks for your sales productivity and pipeline requirements.


Achieving Your A-Game in Next Level, Fully Integrated Marketing Across All Media Platforms
Michael Brito, Group Director, Media & Engagement, WCG, a W20 Group Co.

Developing an integrated marketing campaign across multiple media platforms is essential today to remain competitive. However, attempting any type of digital content marketing without clear goals in mind is pointless. Instead, think "business development" which includes both external and internal social media planning.  Today's 24/7, 360-degree marketing is an integrated marketing effort that includes distributing content through different sales & communication bidirectional channels, like social media sites, mobile apps, Internet, email, video, and telephony, etc.  It's cost-effective and provides large potential for response. Learn how to implement these strategies to:  •Increase website traffic •Generate social referrals •Build brand awareness •Reduce direct marketing costs, and more.


4:30pm-5:15pm Closing Remarks
Tom Callinan, Principal, Strategy Development, Inc.
5:15pm VIP Reception


Sponsors & Partners

  • Docuware
  • ECI e-automate
  • ECI fm audit
  • LEAF
  • MSE
  • OKI
  • BTA
  • ChannelPro
  • CompTIA
  • ENX Magazine
  • IBPI
  • Image Source
  • Info Trends
  • Locator Magazine
  • Managed Print Services Association
  • National Printer Repair Network, LLC
  • OfficeTech
  • Power Source Online
  • Recharge Asia
  • Recycling Times


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